Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This been long time again

It has been quite a while I didnt post much on my progress.. I am back slowly to the water, jumping more than surfing, injured foot is the back one in the footstrap when surfing, and it's not feeling strong yet, I am recovering and getting back my strength, fasting Ramadan, not so easy to workout with no much in the tummy,, I am voted for the Redbull Storm Chase event, based on chasing the biggest storms around the world, which is quite a sick event, So stocked to be part of it, thank to the friends, family and fans who voted for me, I am still struggling to workout a visa for Australia in case next week we have the first mission in Tasmania, so finger crossed, I spent a whole month working out all this visas, Europe, UK, Tahiti, Peru, and now Australia, but also a Japan but didnt make that one yet.,. will see with the forecast later. I am about to pack, either head to one of those destinations, one 2 tickets are booked, I just hope things will workout the way I so hope.. inchalah will go where meant to be. Our DVD Don't Let Go is almost done and out, and also the LAND movie is about to start shooting on October, great story about windsurfing, life in Morocco and how a local windsurfer from Moulay meet up with a dutch girl and off season he get bored and deep and decide to cross the Atlantic heading north from Morocco to Europe, and discover his home country in an amazing journey trough the coast of Morocco, starring Fettah Ahllmara and Thekla Reuten (The American). And I will be playing my actual role, being a professional windsurfer, friend of all the locals.

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